Centennial Same-Day Crowns (CEREC)

CEREC in Centennial, CO

Get your crown in one day using CEREC! The new technology can reduce the amount of time the patient is in the dental office. We know how miserable it can be to be stuck with a temporary crown that causes discomfort or to have to return multiple times to have your dental work completed. For this reason, we offer one-day crowns in Centennial, CO that are not only convenient, but CEREC in the Denver Tech Center also helps to preserve more of your healthy tooth material. Your one-day crowns are available in natural tooth colors that blend in seamlessly with the rest of your smile.

During your one-day crown appointment, our advanced CEREC technology is used to take a dental impression and make the crown while you are sitting there in our office. We have an oral camera that takes photographs of the teeth. As the camera glides over the teeth the software produces a model of the teeth based on the photographs. A ceramic block completes the process of building out the teeth that need to be restored by using the information that was gathered from the camera. Dr. Devin Rentz then places the crown in the patient’s mouth and completes the process. Our dentists are trained in this cutting-edge technology to make sure your visit is painless and quick.

There is no need to return for future visits to have your crown fitted in place. In fact, you can be wearing an entirely new and comfortable crown within just 90 minutes. Now, that’s convenient dental care. Fast, comfortable and you can be back to your normal activities within less than a couple of hours? Why wait to have your tooth fixed? Call Orchard Dental Care or fill out our contact form today, and they can explain this procedure in more detail so that you can take advantage of our new technology for improving your smile.

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