Centennial Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery in Centennial, CO is not always an emergency procedure and can be necessary for a number of reasons.  Whatever the reason, oral surgery can quickly and efficiently correct problems.  Choosing surgery can eliminate painful tooth impactions, reduce the discomfort associated with the Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), or prevent problems from becoming worse.

Before recommending oral surgery, Dr. Rentz will carefully evaluate your condition and determine the best possible treatment, only recommending surgery when necessary. We will then explain the procedure and the reason for the procedure to make sure you are comfortable with continuing on. We are committed to making sure all of your questions are answered before your appointment. We want to make sure you are relaxed and in full understanding of what will occur.

To make your surgery as comfortable as possible, we offer local anesthetic to numb the area and sedation to help you relax and to make your visit as pleasant as we can. We will then go through maintenance and aftercare processes so that no further problems occur after the procedure. Post-op appointments will be made to make sure that you are healing correctly.

No Insurance? No Problem. We've got you covered.

Our office offers the Smile Plan.