Centennial Emergency Dentist

Painful swelling of the jaw, dislodged teeth, or broken teeth are all good reasons to look for emergency dental services. When patients need an emergency dentist in Centennial, CO, Dr. Devin Rentz stands ready to provide assistance.

What Qualifies as a Dental Emergency?

What you consider a dental emergency might differ from what the emergency dentist does. Run of the mill cavities, breaks, and chips don’t necessarily qualify unless the pain is severe. In such cases, the dentist focuses on a temporary fix that will hold until the patient can see their regular dentist.

Patients should think of a dental emergency in the same way that they think of medical emergencies. A standard headache doesn’t warrant a visit to the emergency room unless it starts reaching unacceptable levels. Similarly, a cavity doesn’t warrant immediate professional dental care unless it’s unbearable.

Patients should seek help immediately if:

  • Toothache causes severe pain
  • There’s a bad chip or break exposing the nerve of the tooth
  • A tooth or teeth are loose in or are out of their sockets
  • The jaw swells or is painful

What to Do If Patients Dislodge a Tooth

Start by trying to gently place the tooth back into the socket.  If placement is not possible, put the tooth in a container with milk, or in a damp cloth to keep the roots moist.  Put it in gently, don’t ram it in. If that’s not possible, put the tooth in milk, or in a damp cloth to keep the roots moist. Then call the dentist’s emergency line to see them within an hour for the best results.

How Does It Work?

Either Dr. Rentz is on call at Orchard Dental Care to handle dental emergencies.

Patients call the office and explain the issue. If this is outside of regular office hours, they may need to leave a message so they can promptly receive a callback. The dentist (or a staff member) will speak to the patient and advise them on the next steps to take.

The dentist will see the patient as soon as possible.

When the patient arrives, their condition will be evaluated. The dentist then treats the injury quickly to relieve pain and, where possible, save the tooth. The focus is on basic dentistry.

They will not perform lengthy treatments like root canals or replacing a permanent crown. What they will do depends on the issue. They may temporarily seal off the broken tooth or prescribe a course of medications to quell any infection and ease the pain.

The patient will schedule a consultation with their regular dentist if a more permanent solution is necessary.  

Do You Need Emergency Assistance?

If you are in Centennial or the Denver Tech Center and are in need of an emergency dentist, call Orchard Dental Care today and speak to the receptionist or the dentist on duty. They’ll advise you on your best options for pain relief and whether you need immediate treatment.

Emergency Dentist - The Care You Need, When You Need It The Most!

  • Our local, trusted dental practice offers same day, walk in appointments for urgent care dental emergencies – give us a call for an immediate need
  • The prices of emergency procedures vary greatly, but dental insurance can help make them more affordable
  • Our emergency dentists have years of experience in providing quality dental care
  • Toothaches, tooth extractions and wisdom tooth pain are some of the most common types of emergency procedures

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