Centennial Root Canal Treatment

Root canals in Centennial, CO are typically recommended when there is an infection in the pulp and bone that lies at the root of your tooth. The pulp of your tooth helps to keep your tooth alive along with the nerves and tissue. When the pulp becomes infected, it generates pressure on your nerve that can cause intense pain. This intense pain is the body’s way of saying ‘this need to get taken care of now’.   A root infection can also spread to surrounding areas of your mouth and cause further infection and damage.

How Did the Pulp Become Infected?

Damage or infection to the pulp can happen in a number of ways.  The two most common ways are deep decay on the tooth that reaches the pulp and repeated dental procedures on a single tooth which can also lead to sensitivity or infection of the pulp.  This can sometimes occur after treating a large filling.  Damage to your teeth such as a crack, chip, or root fracture can also lead to a need for root canals.

How Are Tooth Infections Diagnosed?

Dr. Rentz will diagnose a tooth infection through an examination and x-ray that shows the dead or infected root. Seeing the visual evidence of your tooth infection on the x-ray also gives you the added reassurance that your dentist has indeed found the right tooth to treat.

If a pulp infection goes untreated, the pulp will eventually die because the infection is left with nowhere to go. When it has reached this point, the pain leaves and many people think they are all better.  This is not the case!

Ignoring tooth pain is never a good idea.  A root canal procedure can save your tooth and help you avoid future dental problems down the road. Naturally, everyone gets a little nervous about sitting in the dentist’s chair, yet you have nothing to worry about since root canals are common procedures. Dr. Rentz is available to help with any questions or concerns you may have about getting a root canal treatment done at Orchard Dental Care.


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