Top-Rated Dentists – Dr. Rentz & Dr. Quartuccio – Provide Emergency Dental Services and Root Canals in Greenwood Village, CO

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Most dentists do not have working hours like emergency rooms, making it difficult for patients experiencing painful swelling and dislodged teeth to get treatment. Fortunately for residents of Greenwood Village, Colorado, Deer Run Dentistry is offering an emergency dental service.

To patients, many minor issues may be a dental emergency, but how do dentists define it? A good example is for patients to conceptualize dental emergencies the way they would medical ones. One would not go to an emergency room if they had a headache, so it does not make sense to use emergency dental services if one merely chips a tooth. Some legitimate dental emergencies are a toothache causing unbearable pain, a loose tooth that is about to fall out of its sockets, or a swollen jail that is painful.

How Does Emergency Dental Care Work?

At Deer Run Dentistry, Drs. Devin Rentz and Hayley Quartuccio are the emergency dentists. If a patient feels their condition qualifies as an emergency, they should call the office and state their issue, perhaps leaving a voice message if after-hours. The emergency dentist will call the patient promptly and will see them if they determine it necessary.

The dentist will evaluate each patient’s condition and provide a quick fix to relieve their pain but will generally reserve long treatments, such as replacing a permanent crown, for regular office hours. Their goal is to provide a temporary solution until the patient can make an appointment during regular office hours to obtain a permanent solution.

The doctors urge anyone who believes they may need emergency dental service to call the office and speak to the team member on duty to find out the best options for immediate treatment.

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Performing Root Canals

In conjunction with offering emergency dental services, the dentists at Deer Run Dentistry also specialize in root canal treatment. They usually recommend the treatment when a patient has an infection in the pulp and bone located at the tooth’s root. An infected pulp causes tremendous pressure on the nerve and can result in severe pain.

Dental pulp can become infected when deep decay reaches it. When a patient presents with symptoms of deep pain, Dr. Quartuccio first uses x-rays to diagnose the infection. Dr. Quartuccio emphasizes that it’s critical to treat the infection before the pulp dies to prevent more extreme pain.

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Oral Surgery Services

The dentists at Deer Run Dentistry also specialize in oral surgery, which is not always an emergency procedure. However, it is often the best option to rid oneself of a painful toothache and other discomforts, such as those that a Temporomandibular Joint Disorder may cause.

The dentist will examine the patient and then recommend surgery only if it is necessary. Anyone experiencing tremendous pain in their mouth should call the dentist to evaluate their condition and determine the need for possible surgery. The doctor will explain the procedure and answer any questions a patient may have. During surgeries, the dentists utilize anesthetics to keep patients comfortable.

Anyone seeking a dentist’s services for emergencies, root canals, or oral surgery should contact the team at Deer Run Dentistry located at 8000 E Prentice Ave, Suite A5, Greenwood Village, CO, 80111. Their phone number is 303-682-6941. Emergency hours are 24/7.